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Harness Your Inner Talent

Talent is an usually misused trait in most musicians in today's music industry.. It's also wasted by most.

Up until recently, London has been my stomping grounds for all sorts of work on the double bass. Whether it be straight-ahead swinging jazz, contemporary odd-meter or traditional cuban and South American, most of my shall we say London life has evolved around these mediums and i have loved it all. Every. Single. Part. This was down to me wanting this by drafting up a ‘Bucket List’ of bands and musicians i would like to play, create and share music with. I put no time limit on this only stipulating that it HAD to be done and that was that. Within 5 years, i completed this list. “Now what” is what i thought. Where do i go from here?! Ive done all that i truly wanted to do (on a live music/live show basis) and that was ALL that i wanted to do! I never thought past that list really because i did not have the confidence to think past the list. The list was too big at the time to even get past, or rather my mind was too small and confidence too low and eventually my talent WASTED. That was my mistake, to not think past a list. “How about yourself? Do you not want to make music about yourself, from yourself and be in charge of what goes on? Do you not want to take responsibility and do all those things that you said you could of done better than person B. C. or D. did that time that f’ed up the gig?!”. F*^K yea i do.

So Lets do it.

So Lets do it.

#Talent #Playing #bass #doublebass #reimagine #bassguitar #arrangments #songwriting #xoyo #jazzcafe #london

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